This can be a more difficult task than one first realizes. Having been married myself, it became apparent that I was going to have to find the Miami wedding photographer or Fort Lauderdale wedding photographer who ticked as many boxes as possible. Is it possible for one wedding photographer in Miami or Fort Lauderdale or even Boca Raton to actually be 100% perfect? That can be as daunting as looking for your true prince charming or princess perfection out of the millions of people in this world. But, that being said, I believe they are out there!

If you have a few tricks up your sleeve, I believe that this journey can be easy and stress free. There is definitely a lot of weight riding on finding the best Miami wedding photographer or Fort Lauderdale wedding photographer or even just the best wedding photographer in general. After all, these photographs are going to be the ONLY thing that you will have to illustrate one of the most single amazing days in your life to your great-great grandchildren. No pressure. HA!

So, how do we do it? Where do we start? What are we truly supposed to look for and does what those trendy wedding websites say actually have any truth to them? That’s what I am here to help you discover!

Steps to Take

When we are looking for the best Miami wedding photographer or Fort Lauderdale wedding photographer it’s so easy to get blinded by the price tag. I want to encourage you to look past that and focus on a few key areas that should mainly influence your decision.


Photography is not just clicking a button. Anyone can click or push a button. Capturing the mood and ambiance in which moments are happening so that the viewer FEELS IT is an art! Feeling a photograph requires much more skill than just pushing a button. It’s understanding when to push the button, it’s about being in the right place at the right time and knowing how to do that, how to expose for the available light, how to add additional light to focus the composition, how to tell a story. All of these things play into your Miami wedding photographer’s style in which they create their art.

I mentioned above about viewing your wedding photographer’s portfolio. In order to ensure that you have a solid understanding of their style, you will need to see many photographs from many different events to be sure that, when they show up to your wedding day and capture your moments and emotion that you know exactly what to expect.


If you have Googled “miami wedding photographers” or “fort lauderdale wedding photographers” you may have noticed that there is a pretty long list. There are so many wedding photographers in Miami who are amazing and won’t even show up on a web search. There are also plenty of newbie wedding photographers out there who are on the prowl for portfolio work. Unless you are OK with letting your legacy and your life’s most important moments participate in an experiment, I would strongly caution you from choosing a wedding photographer who has little to no experience.

“How can I tell what experience they have?”

When you interview your Miami wedding photographer or Boca Raton wedding photographer, you should easily be able to see an extensive portfolio of work. This may be presented to you in the form of printed albums, artwork on the walls in their studio, or full wedding galleries to allow you to get a solid feel for consistency in style. Consistency is key! I can not stress this more without adding more exclamation points. We will cover this in my next point. But, as for the experience, if they only have a few weddings to show you they may not have the experience you’re looking for.

Another clear indicator for lack of experience is prices that are much lower than other photographers you may have considered. I have noticed that many wedding photographers who are looking for portfolio work with either a.) tell you they would love to have this in their portfolio or b.) that they will give you a HUGE discount or throw extra stuff in for free just so they can shoot at the venue you have selected. If they wedding photographer is providing you with “deals” because they want to work with YOU vs want to work at the venue, that can be a totally different story.

A wedding day is not a day to be taken lightly and requires much experience in order to handle the inevitable twists and turns. Don’t let trust your memories to just anyone. Make sure you have amazing photographs to pass down to your loved ones, which brings me to my final key.


Most wedding photography covers anywhere from 6-10 hours of your wedding day. This is a fairly significant amount of time to spend with one individual who will likely be shadowing you for that entire period of time. In addition, your Miami wedding photographer is not someone who you seek out the day before and they just show up – that would be odd. There is a relationship that develops with your wedding photographer that should create a very enjoyable experience. Finding the right Miami wedding photographer, Ft. Lauderdale wedding photographer or Boca Raton wedding photographer should consist of an interview so you can get a good feel for WHO you will be spending this journey and your wedding day with.


This does not mean that you come up with some random number and try to find a Fort Lauderdale wedding photographer who meets all of these points I have mentioned and asking them to fit into your budget. This is the worst way to go about finding the best photographer who will create the best photographs that you truly can not take your eyes off of.

  • Find a photographer whose style of photography you love
  • Make sure they have the experience needed to capture the day that you’re planning
  • Make sure that they have a killer personality
  • Find out how much you need to invest to allow them to capture your day and then plan your budget around that!

At the end of the day, you won’t be taking the venue home with you. An inexperienced photographer can make a gorgeous venue look like $10 while an experienced photographer can make a mediocre venue look like a million bucks! The day isn’t about the venue or the food or the DJ or even the flowers but rather the joining of families. Finding the best Miami wedding photographer who can capture what that means is invaluable. Those photos are what is truly priceless!

Gloria Ruth is one of the best wedding photographers in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Boca Raton. She has a clear understanding of composition, lighting, and what it takes to capture the essence of a modern wedding day. If this page of tips resonated with you in any way then you may find you are drawn to the luxury work of Gloria Ruth. Please contact us for more detailed information regarding a personalized experience for your wedding day.